Automatic Profile Matching

LeadCRM matches LinkedIn  profile if it is already in your Hubspot.

You can directly edit your existing Hubspot profile.

Automatic Data Saving

It saves LinkedIn  profiles right to your Hubspot Account database.

You can choose the information which is stored from your LinkedIn profile to your Hubspot.

Automatic Update to Hubspot

LeadCRM also offers you the feature to sync the update right to your Hubspot from LinkedIn.

You can adjust Hubspot Profile View in LinkedIn to check what is useful to you.

Why is LeadCRM perfect for you?

Saves More Time

Automated work can save your manual efforts and helps save time.

Generate More Leads

LeadCRM can increase your lead generation rate as compared to your work done manually.

Increase Conversion Rate

With the LeadCRM tool, finally, it increases your conversion rate and gets more closed deals.

If you are doing your work manually, you are losing a lot.

How does it benefit you?

LeadCRM Frees up your time as well as resources

LeadCRM makes your work easy, faster, and convenient by doing most of the marketing activities automated. Also, you do not need more salespeople when the LeadCRM tool can do the same for you. Therefore, your time and resources can be invested in other important work.

Compound connection growth

The LeadCRM tool can help set up the compound connection growth strategy. It is a simple yet very effective strategy.

By setting up more than the LinkedIn range, you can do it for desired connection requests a day.

An Optimized LinkedIn profile helps in making new connection requests.

LeadCRM Builds your network

LeadCRM automation tool plays a vital role in establishing your professional network on LinkedIn. The LeadCRM LinkedIn outreach tool for getting more leads can help in expanding your network and hence giving more business.