Accelerating Sales
on LinkedIn

Connect with prospects in half the time, and double your efficiency by automating lead capturing and data entry into your CRM from LinkedIn.
Maintain your sales workflow at one place. Stay only on LinkedIn and stop copy-pasting data to save time.
We build the bridge between your CRM and LinkedIn – so that you can focus on outreach and closing deals.
LeadCRM available on Chrome Store

Our Best Features

LeadCRM is on a mission to effectively support and empower every deal in daily prospecting and communication by keeping workflows in a central place – LinkedIn.

More LinkedIn leads

Connect with your target audience in no time and triple your prospecting efficiency by automating lead generation and data entry into your CRM via LinkedIn.

Notes on the profile

Add notes and tags directly on the LinkedIn profile for follow-up actions. Work in teams and view tags and notes in your CRM. Best for working in teams. Never miss any opportunity.

Sync LinkedIn Messages

Sync LinkedIn Messages automatically with LeadCRM. It moves all your conversations into your CRM and also LinkedIn on-page contact notes. It can also be shared with the Team.

Find LinkedIn Email addresses

Find up to date email addresses for LinkedIn profiles, enrich them automatically into your CRM.

Integrate with your CRM

Automatically sync your contacts from your CRM with LeadCRM. Get up-to-date information in both, nothing gets lost.

Customized CRM Fields

Create custom fields to add more information to your prospect records and use them as smart place holders.

Save time and enrich your CRM with LinkedIn Leads

Productive time is precious. Copy-pasting and tracking LinkedIn profiles into your CRM is not your job.


Download the Chrome Extension
Install LeadCRM Browser extension from Chrome Web Store.


Log in to your LeadCRM account
LeadCRM has 3 subscription plans (Basic, Growth, Business). You can also use the free trial for 4 days.


Integrate with your CRM.
With Oath authentication, you can integrate your preferred CRM in a single click.


Start syncing your prospects to CRM.
Make the most out of your LinkedIn. You can integrate your chats and contact Info to your CRM.
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Save time and Enhance your LinkedIn Leads to your CRM

Enrich & add LinkedIn leads into your CRM automatically from their LinkedIn profile.
Copy-pasting LinkedIn profiles into your CRM is a waste of time.