Most Popular Questions

1. Can we use the LeadCRM API?

As of now, LeadCRM does not offer a general-purpose API. However, we have added this feature on our roadmap. If there is a custom requirement for developing a connector, feel free to reach out to our team.

2. Is there a way to use LeadCRM on mobile?

LeadCRM is a Chrome Extension, which means it can only be installed on Google Chrome browser on your Desktop or Laptop devices.

3. What is the difference between "Add as Contact" and "Add as Lead"?

Majority of CRM tools offer two objects to manage your prospects, 1) Contacts 2) Leads. Leads are usually referred to newly found prospects, and Contacts are qualified or positive interest showing Leads. Depending on your prospecting process, you can differentiate between these two.

4. Can LeadCRM find and enrich emails?

As of now, LeadCRM has integrations with various third-party services that help users enrich the prospect data.

Currently LeadCRM integrates with Hunter, Skrapp, FindThatLead, and AnyMailFinder.We plan to add integrations with many other Email Enrichments tools for a better data enrichment process.

5. Do you support Multi-CRM accounts?

You can integrate your LeadCRM account with only one CRM at a time.

6. How do I add additional users to my LeadCRM subscription?

First you need to invite users to your LeadCRM team, and then upgrade/ assign licenses for these users.

7. Where does LeadCRM sync a message in the CRM?

LeadCRM syncs your LinkedIn conversations in the contact’s profile in your CRM. The content of the message will be the message that was sent on LinkedIn. This way you can have real-time conversations logged in the contact profile in your CRM. These messages will be added as part of your Activities for the contact.

8. Does LeadCRM support customization of fields?

LeadCRM’s integration settings contain options to customize the mapping between your CRM fields and LeadCRM fields. To update any custom CRM fields, you need to add those fields in your CRM mappings, and map the custom fields with a LeadCRM field.

9. If I want to connect every one of the sales department to the service, do I have to create a LeadCRM account for every user?

Yes, every user needs to have their own LeadCRM account.

10. How do I assign my licenses to my employees?

When employees are added to your team, you can purchase your employee licenses individually or in bulk. Later, these employee licenses are renewed automatically if not canceled before renewal.

11. How can I prevent having duplicates in my CRM?

We have made two checkpoints to prevent creating duplicates in your CRM.

  1. Comparing leads/ contacts in your CRM with Email Address.
  2. Comparing the LinkedIn URL of your prospects with the leads/contacts present in your CRM.

If a match is found with either of the cases, it will update the existing record in CRM.

12. Does LeadCRM overwrite the email of a contact record upon syncing?

LeadCRM overwrites all non-empty fields supplied, including the email. Email Addresses that are found using third party services, will be added to other fields in your CRM.

13. Which CRM systems do you offer to integrate with?

Currently, we are offering only HubSpot and Salesforce, but planning to expand our integrations by adding more CRMs, like Zoho CRM, Insightly CRM, Close CRM, Pipedrive CRM and many more in the near future.

14. How many profiles can I add to my CRM using LeadCRM?

LeadCRM offers various pricing plans, each having their unique monthly limits to add profiles to your CRM using LeadCRM. With our free plan you get 5 Monthly credits to sync your prospect.

15. How to subscribe to LeadCRM?

You can subscribe to LeadCRM using the LeadCRM extension’s pricing page, click here to upgrade your account.

16. My purchase has not been completed to subscribe to LeadCRM. What should I do, my credit card is declined?

This means that your payment is in review, or there has been some issue from your bank’s end. Kindly wait for a few minutes before you try to make the payment again.

If the money is deducted from your bank but the licenses is not yet activated, then please write us at

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