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LeadCRM is your one-click lead generation and sales automation solution for growth hackers, VA (virtual assistants), and sales reps. With LeadCRM’s chrome extension and seamless integrations, you can easily connect your CRM (customer relationship management tool) and with one press, you will be able to sync your prospects from the web.

LeadCRM helps digital marketers, agencies, Virtual Assistants (VA), growth hackers, B2B sales reps, founders, and marketing executives to fulfill their lead generation goals.

We are giving a great opportunity to writers across the globe to write on our global platform and reach a wide range of audiences working in B2B sales and marketing.

If you want to write and publish insightful content on LeadCRM, pitch us with your blog subject and outline ideas to take the collaboration ahead.

Share your ideas, we will approve it and then you can get started to get the best results.


We are looking for only high-quality content that meets our criteria and helps our users with the insight. You need to follow our guidelines and work with the interested topics that are in-depth, well researched, and unique for the audience.

We receive a large number of article submissions on a daily basis, thus our editorial team might take longer to get back to you with the right answer. If you have topics on chrome extension, B2B selling, B2B marketing sales prospecting, and SaaS products – you can reach out to us on

Once the blog idea and submission gets approved, our technical team will get the blog live on our website and fulfill your requirements.

Some of the topics we are looking for to write for us

Any topic related to the following categories:

  • Chrome extensions
  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead Generation
  • Prospecting
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment
  • Sales Enablement
  • Email Marketing
  • CRM integration tools
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Virtual assistants
  • Business Marketing

LeadCRM focuses on B2B prospecting and helps the marketing teams, sales teams, and virtual assistants to generate more leads. If your suggested topics and subjects fall far away from our niche or related topics, we are less likely to consider your post for publication.

Who are our readers?

LeadCRM readers are sales experts, business owners, C-level executives, entrepreneurs, startup founders, CEOs, B2B lead generators, VAs, global business leaders, and content creators; who look for growth hacking techniques to grow their business and network.

Submission Guidelines to write for us

Content type: The submitted content needs to have in-depth research based on above mentioned niches.

Word count: You can create an article that is at least 800 words long.

Target audience: Majority of our readers are B2B audience.

Tone of article: Make sure to keep the tone of the article easy-to-understand and insightful. Cover query points from user perspective and make sure to keep it grammatically correct.

Links: You can put one do-follow link in your article for the corresponding blog from your or third party website.

Note: we do not allow gambling, direct sales, product pages, casinos, or endorsement posts on our website.

Images: You can help us with royalty free images for your blog.

Author bio: Try to help us with author bio for your submitted content, so we can use it while publishing your article. Use up to 150 words for author bio.

How to submit an article to LeadCRM?

  • You can mail your suggested topic on and wait for the review process.
  • Once your blog idea gets approved, we will help you with the article updates and changes in guidelines, if any.
  • Once you share the content with us, our editors will go through it and help you with the edits if needed.
  • Our tech team will publish your article on’s blog section and fulfill your requirements.
  • Make sure your article does not contain any plagiarism, hate speech, or political claims what so ever.

Requirements and legal claims

  • You are responsible for any licensing, permissions, and copyright for the image you submit with your article.
  • LeadCRM holds the right to make final edits before publishing an article on our website.
  • Once your article gets published, it becomes the sole property of our website. But, you can always be attributed as an author, if you want to.
  • No modifications are allowed once the article gets published.

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