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LeadCRM – The best linkedhub.io alternative for sales and marketing teams who want to connect their LinkedIn with their choice of CRM in a fast and secured way.

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Why choose LeadCRM.io over linkedhub.io?

Integrate CRM with LinkedIn
View CRM fields on LinkedIn
Add LI contacts to CRM
Embed your CRM in LI
Auto-Sync of Messages
Salesforce Integration
HubSpot Integration
Pipedrive Integration
Copper Integration
Zoho Integration
Insightly Integration
Close CRM
Deals and Opportunities
Tasks on the profile
Notes on the profile
Find LinkedIn Email addresses
Customized CRM Fields
Free support
Tags and prospect management
Multi-account management
Safe from extension detection by LinkedIn
Bulk Prospecting
Outbound support

LeadCRM, the Best Alternative to linkedhub.io to Connect LinkedIn to Your CRM

LeadCRM – Safe & Reliable Solution

The LeadCRM Chrome extension is free of overlap on your LinkedIn UI, so your accounts won’t get banned on LinkedIn. The linkedhub.io Chrome extension does not meet that requirement as per your demand. The security of your account’s personal information is our primary goal.

LeadCRM syncing contact to CRM
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Why is LeadCRM the best alternative to linkedhub.io?

  1. Dedicated support: Get 24/7 support from our deliverability and performance experts via email, chat, or phone.
  2. More features, more savings : Let your Sales Team have a broad range of features, and keep your costs down.
  3. A more affordable monthly plan : LeadCRM’ ‘s monthly plan starts at $9.99 and includes discounts on annual plans,
  4. Integrate with the tools you already have in use : Unlike linkedhub.io , we offer more native CRM integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce, close.io, Insightly, CATS, and Pipedrive triggers to sync data with other tools you use.

What are the Pros of Using LeadCRM?

LeadCRM features

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